The Benefits of CBD for Arthritis

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The Benefits of CBD for Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the common diseases that plagues millions of people, regardless of their age and gender. It is a debilitating condition with various types and symptoms. Fortunately, there is now an alternative natural remedy called CBD, that many sufferers are turning to for some relief.  CBD has been shown to have many benefits for a large percentage of arthritis patients, specifically in pain relief, inflammation reduction, and managing other symptoms.  This article will dive into the world of CBD use for arthritis, highlight its benefits, and go over the various types of CBD that work best for this particular condition.

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What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term used to describe a broad range of inflammation of the joints, primarily and older people, which can lead to stiffness, pain, and swelling. It can occur in any part of the body, but it is most common in the hands, knees, hips, and spine. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


Types of Arthritis and Effectiveness of CBD on Each of Them

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis caused by wear and tear of joints, aging, and excess weight. This condition can lead to joint pain, swelling, stiffness and worsens over time. One study showed that CBD helps ease OA pain by reducing inflammation and nociceptive pain with increased dosage.  I can tell you from speaking to hundreds of people over the years who suffer from Osteoarthritis that CBD products, specifically those with a Full Spectrum or Whole Plant cannabinoid profile, work wonders for OA.  Full Spectrum CBD, also known as Whole Plant Hemp, refer to the natural proportions of all the available cannabinoids found in hemp.  This includes a majority of CBD, a small amount of other major cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC along with 80-100 other minor cannabinoids.  In most cases, people have said that with a daily dose of the right Full Spectrum CBD product, they’ve seen a 70-80% reductions in pain and increased mobility in their hands and other joints.  To be fair, this will not work for everyone and Arthritis does get progressively worse over time.  But CBD may provide the relief you need now.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder that affects not only the joints but other parts of the body as well. It can lead to chronic pain, swelling, loss of mobility, and joint deformation.  When it comes to CBD for Rheumatoid arthritis, here’s the honest truth.  Rheumatoid arthritis is much more severe than Osteoarthritis.  And usually when someone has RA, they also have a ton of other issues going on which CBD may not play any role in.  Although some researchers found that CBD can reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and improve sleep quality in RA cases, the honest truth is you may get a small amount of relief if you’re lucky.  CBD is not the majority winner with RA.  However, does that mean you shouldn’t buy a $50 bottle of a full spectrum CBD tincture to see if you’re one of the lucky ones?  Of course not.  CBD products have become extremely affordable.  With the amount of pain RA causes, personally I’d try whatever I can and see what worked.


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Best Types of Hemp & CBD Products to Use

CBD is available in many forms, from topical creams, capsules, tinctures, and edibles.

  • CBD Topical Creams: Topical CBD creams can give instant pain relief, reduce inflammation, and can be applied directly to the affected area. Applying these creams on affected joints can help reduce inflammation by inhibiting cytokines, such as TNF-alpha or interferon-gamma, in the joints.  However, topicals are just that, “on top”.  Although you may feel some relief, it’s really only helping your exterior dermal layer and this relief will fade away in just a few hours.  Topicals are great, but CBD Oil and Gummies are better.
  • CBD Tinctures: CBD tinctures provide one of the easiest and effective ways of ingesting CBD.  They are extremely affordable and come in much higher doses than gummies. They can be used sublingually and go directly into the bloodstream, reducing the amount of CBD that has to pass through the gastrointestinal tract.  Additionally, tinctures can help alleviate general discomfort and provide relief for individuals dealing with the painful and uncomfortable aspects of arthritis.
  • CBD Gummies: CBD gummies are the preferred choice for edible CBD products.  They have all the necessary cannabinoids and are absorbed into your blood stream, just like taking CBD oil.  With one major benefit, they taste great.  At a certain age, when you’re taking all sorts of other bad tasting medications, choose a good-tasting CBD gummy.  Gummies are also very easy to dose out compared to hemp oil tinctures which can be extremely beneficial if your eyesight is not as good as it used to be.

To sum it up, the best hemp and CBD product to use for arthritis are ingestible products such as Whole Plant Hemp Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures, Whole Plant Hemp Gummies, and Full Spectrum CBD Gummies.


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Why are ingestible CBD products better?

The main benefit to ingestible CBD products is that they are absorbed into the blood stream.  These cannabinoids then can work with your body’s endocannabinoid system, helping relieve pain and inflammation from the inside out. This type of relief, if this works for you, will last much longer than topical treatments.

Use Ingestible or Topical or Both?

The short answer is use what works for you.  However, if you find relief in both topical and ingestible, its always recommended to take a daily dose of ingestible CBD Oil or Gummies and use the topical CBD cream, lotion, roll-on, salve, or balm, as needed.


Research Studies

Research studies on CBD’s effectiveness for arthritis symptoms continue to grow.  In 2017, The Journal of Pain reported that CBD can help reduce osteoarthritis joint pain and inflammation. Similarly, a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Pain found that CBD can relieve arthritis pain when applied topically. Additionally, a 2020 study examined the effectiveness of CBD oil on RA and found it effective in reducing pain, inflammation, and increasing sleep quality.  These studies show great potential for utilizing CBD as an effective treatment and natural remedy for arthritis.


When Not to Take CBD

Although CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may provide relief for Arthritis’ symptoms, there are times where you should never take an anti-inflammatory product.  This is because not all inflammation is bad.  In fact, it’s our bodies way of healing in some cases.  A prime example of this is after a surgery.  CBD products should never be taken post surgery and should be stopped weeks prior.  Consult with your physician or Rheumatologist with any concerns about taking CBD products.



In conclusion, CBD has become more popular amongst arthritis patients due to its potential benefits. The natural remedy has shown to alleviate pain, inflammation, and manage other symptoms of arthritis such as anxiety, healthy sleep habits, and depression. Individuals who wish to manage their arthritis symptoms without relying solely on harsh painkillers and medication now have an alternative. Before consuming any hemp/CBD products, though, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider and to choose the best brand with quality products and a good reputation.

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